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OSCP Certified

About me

A small introduction about my self

Ali Shabbir

Freelance Security Consultant | Hacker | Speaker | Independent Security Researcher

More than 3+ years of extensive experience in penetration testing and security reviews, Web Application & Network Infrastructure.
Consistently Analyse and improve technical capabilities related to the field of information security and server, Network Operation there by increasing the efficiency and competitive with the fast growing technologies.
Trained 5000+ Students and 2000+ Professional in the field of Information Security & Ethical Hacking.
Conducted Seminar and Workshop in 35+ Engineering Colleges.

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Technical Skills

I can say I’m Quite good at

Penetration Tester
Network Security
WebApp Security
Wireless Hacking
Vulnerability Assessment
Shell Scripting
RedHat linux/Unix
Dark WebApp
Parrot OS
Cyber warfare
Intrusion Detection
Black widow

Work Experience

My Previous Associations

Sep - 2015
Aug - 2016

High Technologies Labs

Penetration Tester cum Researcher
Responsibilities :

Conduct Vulnerabilities Assessment and Penetration Testing.
Performing Web Application Penetration Testing.
System Hacking, Server Hacking to check the status of security in an organisation.
Deep postmortem on various Attack Vector.
Silent Bug Bounty Hunter.

Nov - 2014
Aug - 2015

National Anti Hacking Group

Security Evangelist Cum Trainer
Responsibilities :

Full Time Trainer on Certified Ethical Hacking.
Vulnerability Assessment.
Penetration Testing.

Feb - 2014
Sep - 2014

Appin Technology Labs

Associate Security Evangelist
Responsibilities :

Full Time Trainer on Certified Ethical Hacking.
Vulnerability Assessment.
Penetration Testing.


What I have done in my Academic Career


Bachelor of Science in PHYSICS

University Educated

Physics has always been an intersting and Fascinating subjects for me, & no doubt, Physics helps me to think like a H@cK3r. It helps us to understand how the world around us works, from can openers, light bulbs and cell phones to muscles, lungs and brains; from paints, piccolos and pirouettes to cameras, cars and cathedrals; from earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes to quarks, DNA and black holes. From the prosaic . . . to the profound . . . to the poetic. . .

Physics helps us to organize the universe. It deals with fundamentals, and helps us to see the connections between seemly disparate phenomena. Physics gives us powerful tools to help us to express our creativity, to see the world in new ways and then to change it. Physics is useful.

Physics provides quantitative and analytic skills needed for analyzing data and solving problems in the sciences, engineering, Information Technologies, Forensics investigations & medicine, as well as in economics, finance, management, law and public policy. Physics is the basis for most modern technology, and for the tools and instruments used in scientific, engineering and medical research and development. Manufacturing is dominated by physics-based technology. Physics opens the door to many career options.

Some of my Favr8 books:

  • Feynman Lectures on Physics
  • Halliday Resnick & Walker
  • I.E Erodov
  • A brief of History of time
  • A Universe in a nutshell


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